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Client Testimonials


I was in a car accident and the insurance company tried to tell me that because my damage was minor, they would not consider any injuries. I told them that I had just had hip replacement surgery and they still would not consider any injuries. A friend referred me to the Sprain Law Firm. They took my case and I received the medical help that I needed. They settled my case and I was happy with the settlement.


I was in a car accident and was referred to the Sprain Law Firm by a friend. From the beginning of the first day I talked to them, the staff was available to me by phone or email. My company moved me to a different city and their legal assistant had no problem finding a clinic for treatment. I am a very satisfied client of the Sprain Law Firm. I will refer family and friends to them if they are injured in any way.


I am a very satisfied client of the Sprain Law Firm. I was referred to the Sprain Law Firm by a fellow coach. The firm made sure my medical needs were met and that I was justly compensated for my injuries. I strongly recommend the Sprain Law Firm.


Sprain Law Firm helped me with a workers’ comp claim after my husband died in a car accident while on the job. It was the most traumatic time in my life and Mike Sprain walked me through each step of the process with compassion. His expertise in worker's comp law and personal attention are second to none.  Thanks for all you have done.


I was referred to the Sprain Law Firm by a friend. He told me how good they were and how they would take care of me. During my experience with the firm, that’s exactly what they did. They took care of my medical expenses. I was very pleased with the outcome. I will definitely recommend the Sprain Law Firm to anyone I know.


Sprain Law Firm did an amazing job with my case.  Alvaro Iglesias always kept me updated on everything.  I highly recommend them to anyone.  5 stars!


Thanks Sprain Law Firm, you guys were very helpful and informative throughout the entire process. Everything went smoothly without any issues. Both my girlfriend and I felt we were well taken care of throughout the claims process. I would highly recommend the firm to friends as you were recommended to me.


Texas City
What can I say?  They were my advocates. They were with me every step of the way in my comp case and my social security disability case.  I am very grateful for all their hard work in obtaining my benefits.


Alvaro J. Iglesias, an attorney with Sprain Law Firm in Houston, Texas represented me in a contentious divorce in 2019.  I hired Al after a failed attempt at mediation where I naively went without my own lawyer after being coerced to do so by my former spouse.  Al prepared me for deposition and calmed my fears explaining the legal process each step of the way in a manner easily understood by a lay person who had never been in a courtroom. Al was able to have the first mediated settlement agreement set aside so that I could begin again with representation.  Al and his team were able to get a true and accurate evaluation of all marital assets and garnered me a fair settlement.  For potential clients seeking legal representation I highly recommend Al Iglesias and his team, you will be in good hands.


Attorney Michael Sprain is more than a lawyer. He is more like a friend who practices law. His listening skills and genuine attentiveness allow him to represent his client as if he were speaking as the client him/her self.  He is definitely a class-act who uses chess-like strategies to out-maneuver the insurance companies' failure to honor their commitments to injured employees.